• RobOnBusiness

    Hi Jordan,
    Just saw your video – it made me smile often throughout it! You are even more gentle and earnest then I thought through reading your book and our email exchanges! As the video closed, it occurred to me for the first time that as a child, this heart connection and the warmth and joy associated with it was what turned me on so often in the shows I like watching on TV at the time, like The Rifleman, Flipper and Walt Disney, that I decided I was going to pursue throughout the rest of my life, and I intuitively thought that this was the way I was going to enjoy the most Life had to offer, and I would find my fulfillment this way. Being aware of this also served to puzzle me as to why people seemed to enjoy cynical and crass TV that became popular throughout my teens, and had little to show me about Life that I wanted to know – the heart connection that is.
    Thank you for sharing your insight and encouragement!
    Rob Berkman