Impact.1There’s a progressive stream of consciousness downloading to us intense amounts of information. The completion of old paradigms feels catalytic, changing everything around us.

This is the arrival of brilliant invention, recalibration, and bright minds that have dropped all expectations of failure.

Start expecting success. Success comes in droves, proportionate with innate driven talent. This is the time to rewrite old paradigms by living into new programs.

Programs awakening in the mainstream consciousness that you write yourself, that we all exchange through and invest in with each other.

Former work becomes play as we act out our roles through the scripts of our reality show lives. We celebrate new products that produce good medicine, not useless commodities for the sake of consuming.

New tools are commensurate with creative ability, starting to fine tune profound, accurate metaphysics at work in new technologies from the cosmos, space and sciences.

Start to receive help and support. Get used to things being easy and happening effortlessly. Have more fun. Things happen quickly. Slow down by going fast. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s doing us.

Do you make time for this?

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phoenix_rising 2I’ve been burning major patterns away. Not just little adjustments that happen along the way, day by day, but deep intense raging realities. All so I can drop the pretense, the cravings, the resistance and learn to accept that… I create it all.

This is a crucial life lesson…only from here does the phoenix fly again. A few years ago I decided to fix my health and heal my body. I had no idea that in doing something so good for myself, I would also deconstruct everything else right down to the core. Everything fell out in the fire: my success, career, former self, finances, my business, relationships, family, and my pride.

I’ve learned a lot about our human patterns and the Quintessential Intelligence that exists in our cells. I’ve learned about abundance and what it takes to sustain it. I’ve learned how to love sincerely and I’m learning how to live with things just as they are. I’ve learned that everyone can heal but not everyone is willing.

Everything is energy. It’s physics and photonics. All of it without exception. So, to really heal, I must really feel. Living through my senses, my pain, my awareness, my joy, my deep human heart… this is the stuff of life.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Real. Simple. Alive. Full. Stop.

I’ve got to keep moving. Coupled with the application of energy, the right use of will and a dose of the practical, this is the new knowledge and science of life. This is where creative health stems from. It’s our station vibration.

I love this earth and I love this one precious life I have. And, I’m living it as blonde as I can be, as sexy as my body will hold up, as intelligent as the world lets me be, and as accepting as the rest will allow.

Let’s be in touch and work together. And not forget to pray and play. I’ve been waiting for this time forever and I’m finally here for me and for you.

Loves and smiles, Cherie