CreationThere’s an era of collaboration and support sweeping our energy fields allowing old energies to escape. New waves of fresh frequencies surge in safely, requiring us to make things we feel become real by our own moral compass.

It’s time to stop pushing on things. If you find resistance in something you want then you wait. When you push and it resists, stop. Wait. Come back to it and push again. Keep pushing gently until it opens freely on its own. When it does, you will know you are creating it with your energy signature.

Determinism becomes the driving dynamic. Tending to our energetic bodies, taking care of our energy field is part of everyday life and is, our source of free will. Movement, vibration, affirmation, intention gives instruction to the cells for the energy to shift. This is your very own creation department. This is safekeeping for your soul.

Pronouncing I AM before requests sends spirit’s signal to our cells, giving instruction for the energy to shift and follow our heart’s requests. Then you create intentionally, exactly as you see it in alignment with things that will create the light in all things. Time capsules open and things come together in a perfect way if you say so. Learn to know what you want. Say it clearly. Speak it to your heart and soul. Trust the universe is listening. Have faith you will deliver everything you ask for.

What will you create?

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8. Conflict As RodUpsetting differences occur in all relationships. Whenever such upsets occur, an openhearted discussion produces an entirely different interaction from when there is an intention to be right and convince others to see things our way.

Differences then become opportunities to learn more about each other and become more emotionally intimate. This is especially true when our paramount intent is to explore and develop a deeper connection to our authentic self, our heart, by learning about why we believe as we do.

Think about the profound learning and changes that can occur from explorations such as:

  • If I’m sure that my way is the right way, what makes me so sure, and what happens when I try to convince other’s that I’m right?
  • Where did this belief come from and what is the fear of finding out that my belief may be right for me but not universally true?
  • What is my fear of discovering that I might be better served if I changed my belief?


Think about a recent argument you’ve had and what might have had happened if one of you had been open to learning.

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Image: Ghosts ©Rod Pilcher