Post 3 HeartfeltAlthough all feelings are natural, heartfelt feelings are polar opposites of feelings that occur when a heart connection is lost. I chose the image for this post as the cover for Becoming Your Own Hero because it so magically represents that unique and special place that sets apart a connection to the heart from all other moments.

Heartfelt feelings such as love, joy, forgiveness, ecstasy and compassion are warm, tender and sensual. Heartless feelings such as blaming anger, disdain and jealousy are cold, hard and harsh.

Heartfelt responses always contain compassion and openness to learning. Compassion will not allow us to disrespect ourselves or compromise another person’s integrity. An openness to learning, particularly about the fears and beliefs that disconnect us from our hearts, leads to living heart-connected more of the time and thereby transforming into a more authentic and powerful person.

For a more complete list of heartfelt and heartless feelings and behaviors click here.


How does thinking of feelings as being either heartfelt or heartless fit into your beliefs about feelings?

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