There’s a guiding impulse within propelling us into action.

We feel strong urges to follow our instincts and do what our intuition tells us.

We have illuminating flashes of insight that cause us to stop what we’re doing and look inside, to listen for the voice commanding our attention, driving our desires and pushing our gifts into existence.

Like a battery, needing sparks of positive ignition and negative charge, this life impulse informs our destiny, moving us along in disruptive velocity on our evolutionary path.

Like it or not, we cannot hold back. It moves us so.

Here, we feel, time is now and we must find our soul mates, our right livelihoods, our genius, all of it, now.

We become genuinely born from the heart of our deepest cares and utmost concern. We open ourselves to new experiences.

Without holding back anymore, through an ongoing process of creative response, we begin to live in a constant state of discovery.

Do you feel this impulse?

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