Find Your PurposeThere’s a power arising up calling us into ignition. We feel a renewed need to untangle our beliefs, clear our conscience and release ourselves. Old patterns no longer feel appropriate. We feel compelled to be on our unique journey taking us to our calling, finding true purpose in everything we do. Motivation no longer matters to us here, what’s meant to be is all that really matters, inspiration is our beacon of light, asking us to follow it, to trust in the present moment, to enjoy being committed to our worthy cause. Here, we feel our choices come from a deliberate consciousness empowering us with a full sense of noble purpose. Meaning and significance makes us fearless. Without faltering our gifts, while fostering our sovereignty, we get on the destiny train.

Do you live on purpose?

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8. Conflict As RodUpsetting differences occur in all relationships. Whenever such upsets occur, an openhearted discussion produces an entirely different interaction from when there is an intention to be right and convince others to see things our way.

Differences then become opportunities to learn more about each other and become more emotionally intimate. This is especially true when our paramount intent is to explore and develop a deeper connection to our authentic self, our heart, by learning about why we believe as we do.

Think about the profound learning and changes that can occur from explorations such as:

  • If I’m sure that my way is the right way, what makes me so sure, and what happens when I try to convince other’s that I’m right?
  • Where did this belief come from and what is the fear of finding out that my belief may be right for me but not universally true?
  • What is my fear of discovering that I might be better served if I changed my belief?


Think about a recent argument you’ve had and what might have had happened if one of you had been open to learning.

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Image: Ghosts ©Rod Pilcher