6. John Denver GardenAlthough there are many ways to experience the highs of a heart-connection, all of them are transitory. But, it’s not losing heart that creates ongoing difficulties.

Being unaware that we’ve lost our heart leaves us stuck in disconnection. With awareness we have choices. We can continue our disconnected behavior or we can stop and reconnect.

There are many ways to center and balance. It might be as simple as taking a deep breath (or 2, or 3 or more). Whatever it takes to drain away tension, return to serenity, and shift our energy to compassion and learning is what each of us must find for ourselves.


When you’ve lost your heart-connection what do you do to regain it?

(If you have not found ways to re-center yourself try asking others what they do, or try such things as a formal meditation, writing in a journal, engaging in a physical activity, sitting and listening to a favorite piece of calming music, playing with your pet, or dancing in rhythm to music that centers you.).

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Image: John Denver Garden ©H. Lee Shapiro