DSCN0193Quintessential Intelligence is the greater intelligence running through everything and the place where we all come together. It connects us to our spirituality, our spirit, the way we breathe and the way we’re alive. It runs through our connections with our children, animals, and nature.

QI activates itself into a human reality as it informs our spirit on how to grow and move. It tells us the difference between being awake or asleep and feeling depressed or vitally alive. It drives our spiritual thoughts and energy.

QI runs right through the heart, our solar plexus and is our inner compass.

It is an inside quality barometer, a gauge that measures the quality of everything in our lives; our relationship with spirit, family, close friends, lovers, health and well-being, connection with nature and the quality of our right livelihood versus doing things to make money and get ahead.

QI, is the greater innate intelligence that informs everything in our lives and all we need to do is flow with it. By discerning it’s messages we find what the true meaning of life is.

How Quintessential Intelligence informs my work and personal life

When I discovered that an endocannabinoid system is our physiology, I began looking at cannabinoid science and the connection that it has to Quintessential Intelligence. I could see a correlation that told me that we could activate our QI just by changing and shifting certain paradigms.

I began thinking about creating a neutriceutical through nutrition. I wanted to bring together my experience with product development and functional food and medicine with how the physiology works. I wanted to create solutions for health that would be regenerative along with creating a sustain able race of human beings.

The idea for MediQI Energetics came together when I discovered a bio-energetic plant based nutrient that actually helps us activate our QI. It is the part of the hemp plant known as CBD. This new food source for our intelligence is proving to be miraculous in physical healing. And, by creating more of a connection to QI, it might move us from a world that uses force and power to one that uses the empowered force of QI.

What my most profound teachers and experiences taught me about QI

I have studied every major religion and been blessed through my personal and business life to have worked and studied with many powerful luminary thinkers and doers. But I want to talk here about three not so famous entities who were most instrumental in teaching me about Quintessential Intelligence.

The first is my grandma. Grandma was Celtic and taught me both to embrace everything that comes into my life even if it was unseen, and what unconditional love is. She had that ability to just love everything about life. When I told her I’d seen angels, she said, ”Don’t tell anyone because most people will not understand and will probably make fun of you. So, let’s just keep that between you and me. But, you continue to listen and learn from your inner teachers.” From the time I was a little girl, she taught me the ability to respect my inner knowing. That is what led me to discovering Quintessential Intelligence.

Second was my horse, who basically taught me the importance of indigenous respect. He was a calm and actual presence that I could trust. Through him I learned how fast I wanted to go, how precise I wanted to move and to have respect for the earth and all of its life forms.

For the past 15 years my cat Qia and I have been through a lot of challenges together. The loving presence of this very special being gives me a daily reminder of QI.

Practices that help me integrate QI more into my life.

I connect with QI through a lot of energy work including yoga, meditation and a form of energy movement that I call Live Body Wellness. But, my most profound teacher is my connection with nature. In nature my meditative practice is observation. I practice the observer mode of consciousness as I maintain silence and presence and not having a lot of things come into my mind. When I spend time in the natural realm, nature is my confident leading me to balance and my connection with QI.