QI & Me by Cynthia James – Spiritual Counselor, Author

Heart Rock in LakeI grew up in an African American Methodist Episcopal church. The truth is, I always felt like an alien. It felt regimented and restrictive. I felt like I was in a box that dared me to be myself. There were rules upon rules and all of them said “you are not worthy.” I remember thinking that there must be more to God than this. In my heart, I was clear that I was connected to something that I could not see. I was absolutely sure that my high intuitive nature and ability to see beyond appearances had to be part of something I did not understand. I desperately wanted to understand the prophetic nature of my dreams and those of my family members. However, no one was willing to enter into that level of conversation.

How QI Informs My Work and Personal Life

My work today is deeply rooted in the mind/body connection. I believe that everything that has happened to us is encoded in the body intelligence. That intelligence is universal and is available to support expansive living in every moment. What we believe and what has been passed down through our lineage is all in the body. Our job is to learn its language and apply universal laws and principles.

Quantum Physicists tell us that everything is contained in a quantum field and that we are made of that substance. The energy in that field can be used in positive and negative ways.

I invite my clients to do exploration into unhealed wounds, irrational beliefs and non-supportive choices. We always start with the body. Inevitably there is a place of constriction. For many it is in the heart, throat, stomach or back. Through relaxation and willingness we ask the body to teach us the “core” decisions that were made at various ages. Those decisions often become barriers to health, love and freedom. Once uncovered, we can begin to release the old paradigms and invite peace and unity into our conscious awareness.

It is my deep desire that people on our planet awaken and become aware that understanding QI is a portal to freedom. I am grateful that my need to understand led me to a powerful discovery of a universe filled with possibility. I am grateful that I am able to assist people to embrace their beauty through QI revelations.

What My Most Profound Spiritual Teachers and Experiences Taught Me About QI

In 1979, I was invited to attend a talk by a man who was a religious science minister. I was in a personal crisis, so I was willing to listen to anyone. What he said was life changing for me. I paraphrase….”There is an energy in the universe that everywhere and in everything. It is the life force of every plant, animal, man, woman and child. It is the substance of which you are made. You can use that energy to create a life of joy, abundance, creativity and love. Your mindset is the only thing in the way of your happiness.”

I sat in that room in awe. Could that be true? Could my thinking be creating the challenges in my life? I decided that I was going to, by any means necessary, embark on deep inner inquiry. The next 15 years included therapy, workshops, and coursework in Spiritual Psychology. Today, I am clear that what I was seeking was an understanding of Quintessential Intelligence.

Practices That Help Me Integrate QI More Into My Life

I have been meditating for over 30 years. It is a daily practice that assures that I never walk out of my house in an unconscious state. My spiritual practice includes daily journaling, reading from books by conscious authors and consistent connection with “prayer” partners. My husband and I have daily rituals around gratitude and appreciation to keep us anchored in our loving.

For me, it doesn’t matter how you practice. The point is to practice something that keeps you connected to an infinite universal intelligence.

Image: ©Carl Studna