12. Talking and ListeningLearning new ideas for increasing sexual fulfillment and the verbal skills to put them into practice give “oral sex” and “giving head” entirely different meanings. From birth, exposure to a flood of sexual ideas that disconnect us from our hearts creates dysfunction. By the time we fall in love, we have been brainwashed with beliefs and images that limit our ability to create fulfilling sex. The challenge in becoming more heart-connected lies in breaking through disconnecting beliefs, fears and wounds.

With a greater aptitude to stay heart-connected, we not only gain more physical pleasure, but also experience the magic of giving and receiving love in deeper, more meaningful ways. We possess the ability to avoid problems if we are beginning a new relationship, resolve sexual problems in an ongoing relationship, or transform a good sexual relationship into an amazing one.


What feelings and thoughts arise from thinking about becoming freer to talk and listen about sex?

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Image: ©Susan Slotter