An AdventuresomeThere’s a collective dream embarking upon the world inventing a better future, designing a reunion of wholeness reflected in social reciprocity.

Reluctant to release our material ways, we are interdependent upon future generations and indigenous tribes coming together. Our culture wants to move on. As the old world falls apart, and the new one not yet emerged, everything feels uncertain.

Earth calls out to us to end our story of separation and write a new mythology of Oneness. One in which we are all connected, not just to other people, but also to the plants, the animals, the mountains, rivers and oceans. We cannot harm one another. We cannot violate nature, without directly harming ourselves. What’s more we don’t even want too.

A world governed by our new certainty is stabilized in a new consciousness of interconnectedness and finds alignment by our faith, trust and global selfrealization. New energy codes are activated and the shift to Oneness underway.

Normal life becomes blended amidst groups of modern day spiritual teachers, executives, professionals, indigenous elders, politicians, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, caregivers, practitioners, mothers, sacred activists, scientists, artists, lawyers, bankers, children and more. More and more of us act from a space of kindness, generosity, compassion, appreciation and the greatest of all, love.

Gone are the former pain points, the remains of the old story. Grief becomes a walker amongst the living and death becomes a rite of passage to mourn and then rejoice. Possibilities that didn’t even exist in the old story lie before you, even if you have no idea how to get there.

Balance is restored through the practice of groups collectively raising the vibration of the planet characterized by compassion, collaboration, imagination, flow and interconnectivity.

Respect grows for Mother Gaia and recognition of an inner Divinity that has awakened, a Divine will that lives, alive amongst its species. Even being human feels different. More Advanced, Free. Ethical. Sustainable. Regenerative. Moved. Aligned. Loved.

Will you catalyze love for a change?

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In every relationship, a high level of trust translates into palpable feelings of serenity, excitement, passion and optimism. These feelings typically accompany the beginning of life in a new community, such as starting a new job, falling in love, or bringing a baby into the world. But, as trust is eroded the wonderful feelings that accompany trust dissipate.

Attempting to relate in a sea of distrust is like trying to swim through a stream polluted with more and more debris. Low trust spawns adversarial relationships that must slosh through the muck and mire of defensiveness, cynicism, and indifference. Stalemates, resistance, rebellion, boredom, arguments and power struggles weave a picture that bears little resemblance to the tapestry that existed before trust was worn away.

Focusing on questions such as, “Am I worthy of other’s trust and am I trustworthy with myself?” opens to the relationships for which we truly yearn. But becoming trustworthy does not result from a single act. Only when others are consistently treated respectfully do they come to believe that we are worthy of their trust. Self-trust is built by dependably treating ourselves respectfully.

On a scale of 1-10 where do you think your trustworthiness would be rated by each of the following people: spouse, children, boss, and friends?


What are you doing or what will you be doing to become more trustworthy?

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QI & Me by Cynthia James – Spiritual Counselor, Author

Heart Rock in LakeI grew up in an African American Methodist Episcopal church. The truth is, I always felt like an alien. It felt regimented and restrictive. I felt like I was in a box that dared me to be myself. There were rules upon rules and all of them said “you are not worthy.” I remember thinking that there must be more to God than this. In my heart, I was clear that I was connected to something that I could not see. I was absolutely sure that my high intuitive nature and ability to see beyond appearances had to be part of something I did not understand. I desperately wanted to understand the prophetic nature of my dreams and those of my family members. However, no one was willing to enter into that level of conversation.

How QI Informs My Work and Personal Life

My work today is deeply rooted in the mind/body connection. I believe that everything that has happened to us is encoded in the body intelligence. That intelligence is universal and is available to support expansive living in every moment. What we believe and what has been passed down through our lineage is all in the body. Our job is to learn its language and apply universal laws and principles.

Quantum Physicists tell us that everything is contained in a quantum field and that we are made of that substance. The energy in that field can be used in positive and negative ways.

I invite my clients to do exploration into unhealed wounds, irrational beliefs and non-supportive choices. We always start with the body. Inevitably there is a place of constriction. For many it is in the heart, throat, stomach or back. Through relaxation and willingness we ask the body to teach us the “core” decisions that were made at various ages. Those decisions often become barriers to health, love and freedom. Once uncovered, we can begin to release the old paradigms and invite peace and unity into our conscious awareness.

It is my deep desire that people on our planet awaken and become aware that understanding QI is a portal to freedom. I am grateful that my need to understand led me to a powerful discovery of a universe filled with possibility. I am grateful that I am able to assist people to embrace their beauty through QI revelations.

What My Most Profound Spiritual Teachers and Experiences Taught Me About QI

In 1979, I was invited to attend a talk by a man who was a religious science minister. I was in a personal crisis, so I was willing to listen to anyone. What he said was life changing for me. I paraphrase….”There is an energy in the universe that everywhere and in everything. It is the life force of every plant, animal, man, woman and child. It is the substance of which you are made. You can use that energy to create a life of joy, abundance, creativity and love. Your mindset is the only thing in the way of your happiness.”

I sat in that room in awe. Could that be true? Could my thinking be creating the challenges in my life? I decided that I was going to, by any means necessary, embark on deep inner inquiry. The next 15 years included therapy, workshops, and coursework in Spiritual Psychology. Today, I am clear that what I was seeking was an understanding of Quintessential Intelligence.

Practices That Help Me Integrate QI More Into My Life

I have been meditating for over 30 years. It is a daily practice that assures that I never walk out of my house in an unconscious state. My spiritual practice includes daily journaling, reading from books by conscious authors and consistent connection with “prayer” partners. My husband and I have daily rituals around gratitude and appreciation to keep us anchored in our loving.

For me, it doesn’t matter how you practice. The point is to practice something that keeps you connected to an infinite universal intelligence.

Image: ©Carl Studna


13. Red RocksConsidering the brain as our largest sex organ opens up many new frontiers. Since the mind both represses and frees sexuality, the key to unlocking passion is skill in talking about sex. Sexual issues are probably the most difficult area to talk about openly. Learning about sexuality and communicating about this vulnerable area is a long-term process.

Cunning (def., resourceful, creative, clever, artful) linguists become more and more comfortable discussing sexual feelings, needs, desires and difficulties. They are also great listeners when their partner shares sexual thoughts and feelings. Honest sex talk occurs when people feel safe in expressing themselves. This requires speaking and listening with the heart informing the brain.


Think about some of the beliefs and fears that get in the way of talking about certain sexual thoughts and feelings. Writing about those beliefs and fears may be an important first step in becoming more comfortable with sex talk.

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CreationThere’s an era of collaboration and support sweeping our energy fields allowing old energies to escape. New waves of fresh frequencies surge in safely, requiring us to make things we feel become real by our own moral compass.

It’s time to stop pushing on things. If you find resistance in something you want then you wait. When you push and it resists, stop. Wait. Come back to it and push again. Keep pushing gently until it opens freely on its own. When it does, you will know you are creating it with your energy signature.

Determinism becomes the driving dynamic. Tending to our energetic bodies, taking care of our energy field is part of everyday life and is, our source of free will. Movement, vibration, affirmation, intention gives instruction to the cells for the energy to shift. This is your very own creation department. This is safekeeping for your soul.

Pronouncing I AM before requests sends spirit’s signal to our cells, giving instruction for the energy to shift and follow our heart’s requests. Then you create intentionally, exactly as you see it in alignment with things that will create the light in all things. Time capsules open and things come together in a perfect way if you say so. Learn to know what you want. Say it clearly. Speak it to your heart and soul. Trust the universe is listening. Have faith you will deliver everything you ask for.

What will you create?

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Impact.1There’s a progressive stream of consciousness downloading to us intense amounts of information. The completion of old paradigms feels catalytic, changing everything around us.

This is the arrival of brilliant invention, recalibration, and bright minds that have dropped all expectations of failure.

Start expecting success. Success comes in droves, proportionate with innate driven talent. This is the time to rewrite old paradigms by living into new programs.

Programs awakening in the mainstream consciousness that you write yourself, that we all exchange through and invest in with each other.

Former work becomes play as we act out our roles through the scripts of our reality show lives. We celebrate new products that produce good medicine, not useless commodities for the sake of consuming.

New tools are commensurate with creative ability, starting to fine tune profound, accurate metaphysics at work in new technologies from the cosmos, space and sciences.

Start to receive help and support. Get used to things being easy and happening effortlessly. Have more fun. Things happen quickly. Slow down by going fast. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s doing us.

Do you make time for this?

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12. Talking and ListeningLearning new ideas for increasing sexual fulfillment and the verbal skills to put them into practice give “oral sex” and “giving head” entirely different meanings. From birth, exposure to a flood of sexual ideas that disconnect us from our hearts creates dysfunction. By the time we fall in love, we have been brainwashed with beliefs and images that limit our ability to create fulfilling sex. The challenge in becoming more heart-connected lies in breaking through disconnecting beliefs, fears and wounds.

With a greater aptitude to stay heart-connected, we not only gain more physical pleasure, but also experience the magic of giving and receiving love in deeper, more meaningful ways. We possess the ability to avoid problems if we are beginning a new relationship, resolve sexual problems in an ongoing relationship, or transform a good sexual relationship into an amazing one.


What feelings and thoughts arise from thinking about becoming freer to talk and listen about sex?

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A Courageous OutrageousThere’s a quest blasting through us exploding our theory of everything.

We find ourselves questioning:What if I follow my heart? Will I earn money doing it? Will I finally be on my path? Why is this so hard? Can someone hear me please?

We are once again at the crossroads of our journey where we need to make a decision about which choice to make, which direction to take.

Do I create a problem or find a solution? Well, missions are born to find solutions.

Understanding the impact our energy has on everything we create, we decide
to engage in giving our highest level of service, wild crafting our talents and
gifts to put on the table and serve up to our people.

We focus on a mission to make all the difference in the world especially to ourselves. We create the highest of value, add order to meaning and we add something else with it, a personal touch to our lives and the lives of others.

This is the order of true compensation. Nature has an uncanny way of rewarding us for value we create in things that matter to us, in ways that enrich and bring wealth to our field, our relationships, and our life matters.

Do you have a mission?

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11. EmbraceSexual experiences that flow from emotional intimacy are making love. Such encounters look and feel entirely different from sexual experiences that are not heart-connected. Rather than a race between two competitors running in their own lanes and focused on a finish line, making love is a dance.

Creative sexual dancers on an improvisational journey have no preconceived notions of what a sexual experience, such as simultaneous orgasm, or even orgasm itself, should be. There is only the moment and whatever happens is a result of clear verbal and non-verbal communication.

Being totally present in the oneness of the moment determines the next moment. Responses to what each person experiences weave a unique route. No matter how many times the dance is done, the path is never the same.

Sexual heartfelt experiences have many different and often unexpected flavors and forms that never get old even as lovers do. The finish line is never predetermined. One person may reach the finish line ahead of the other. They may reach it simultaneously. Or, one or both may decide on a different finish line.

Frantically searching for the elusive prize of sexual satisfaction, while remaining clueless about the QI spot of sexuality, will never result in complete sexual satisfaction. Although there is nothing wrong with sex as a purely physical act, sexual fulfillment flows naturally when wide-open hearts connect.


What would having more meaningful sexual dances in your life mean to you and how can you create them?

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Image: Embrace by ©Lee Shapiro


QI & Me by Lance Secretan – Advisor and Coach to Leaders, Author

Lance Secretan ImageThe sacred energy we invest in our marriages and personal relationships, such as personal growth and mutual learning, being fully present, curiosity, freshness, spiritual passion, maintaining individuality AND (paradoxically) oneness, vulnerability, intimacy, humility, empathy, devotion, love, rituals, transparency, trust, and reliability—these, when practiced with sacred energy, lead to sacred and inspiring relationships. Since everything is connected and one—it stands to reason that these examples of Quintessential Intelligence will lead to inspiring relationships anywhere—at work, with nature, with each other—even with God. The illusion of separateness gets in the way of our potential to raise our game through the creation of inspiring relationships.

How QI Informs My Work and Personal Life

After spending a lifetime as both a leadership practitioner and an advisor and coach to leaders I have learned that approaching the subject of leadership in our traditional ways may have contributed more to our current crisis of leadership than our leadership successes. Classical physics invites us to measure matter and energy in a manner familiar through observable human experience, analyzing the separate parts, and this is largely the way we explain science and technology today. We measure and teach leadership in a similar way, using these classical approaches. Without getting into too much technical detail here, we have learned that these concepts do not adequately describe the universe, and that, in reality, the newer science of quantum physics informs us that there are no separate entities—everything is connected. Indeed, the concept of “quantum entanglement” describes the phenomena in which the act of measuring one thing determines the possible quantum state of another.

The outdated approach of classical physics, and therefore “the scientific method”, is what we have been using to study leadership—as a subject consisting of separate parts—leaders, followers, organizations, contexts, goals and more. We have even succumbed to the false belief that behavior displayed and exhibited within an organization is separate from, and sometimes not even appropriate for, life outside the organization—for example, at home. But this is an illusion—everything is connected and everything is one.

What My Most Profound Spiritual Teachers and Experiences Taught Me About QI

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”, to quote Sir Isaac Newton. For me, a spiritual teacher is one who turns on an internal spiritual or emotional switch—for example, Richard Dawkins who said, “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.” The truth is that there are only two truths: 1) We can be certain of nothing even though we pretend great wisdom, and, 2) Everything is one. The great religions and faith traditions, as well as quantum physics teach us this.

Practices That Help Me Integrate QI More Into My Life.

For nearly 50 years I have practiced meditation. I learned Transcendental Meditation in the 1960s, then graduated to a Zen practice, and then in the 1990s I learned Primordial Sound Meditation, which I have been practicing ever since. I not only meditate daily, but when I am sitting in airport lounges, before a speech, when someone irritates me, when I’m frustrated, when I’m marveling at a sunset. As much as I can, I turn any event into a meditation. Kayaking is a meditation. So is skiing. The experience of hiking in the wilderness and observing the extraordinary gifts of nature is a meditation. Listening to a symphony, reading a poem, making love, listening to music or a great conversation, savoring a meal— all these are meditations. Appreciating the wonders of the world, the brilliance of mankind, and the love of God, are all meditations.

Life is a mediation, because life is a series of relationships and our task is to make them sacred and inspiring. The heart stone in the image above that Tricia and I found together now sits in a quiet meditation spot on one of our out of the way walking trails.

About Lance Secretan

Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan is one of the most insightful and provocative leadership teachers of our time. He is the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist and author of 15 books about inspiration and leadership and a recent memoir A Love Story. He coaches and advises leaders globally, and guides leadership teams who wish to transform their culture into the most inspirational in their industries. Read more