In every relationship, a high level of trust translates into palpable feelings of serenity, excitement, passion and optimism. These feelings typically accompany the beginning of life in a new community, such as starting a new job, falling in love, or bringing a baby into the world. But, as trust is eroded the wonderful feelings that accompany trust dissipate.

Attempting to relate in a sea of distrust is like trying to swim through a stream polluted with more and more debris. Low trust spawns adversarial relationships that must slosh through the muck and mire of defensiveness, cynicism, and indifference. Stalemates, resistance, rebellion, boredom, arguments and power struggles weave a picture that bears little resemblance to the tapestry that existed before trust was worn away.

Focusing on questions such as, “Am I worthy of other’s trust and am I trustworthy with myself?” opens to the relationships for which we truly yearn. But becoming trustworthy does not result from a single act. Only when others are consistently treated respectfully do they come to believe that we are worthy of their trust. Self-trust is built by dependably treating ourselves respectfully.

On a scale of 1-10 where do you think your trustworthiness would be rated by each of the following people: spouse, children, boss, and friends?


What are you doing or what will you be doing to become more trustworthy?

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