13. Red RocksConsidering the brain as our largest sex organ opens up many new frontiers. Since the mind both represses and frees sexuality, the key to unlocking passion is skill in talking about sex. Sexual issues are probably the most difficult area to talk about openly. Learning about sexuality and communicating about this vulnerable area is a long-term process.

Cunning (def., resourceful, creative, clever, artful) linguists become more and more comfortable discussing sexual feelings, needs, desires and difficulties. They are also great listeners when their partner shares sexual thoughts and feelings. Honest sex talk occurs when people feel safe in expressing themselves. This requires speaking and listening with the heart informing the brain.


Think about some of the beliefs and fears that get in the way of talking about certain sexual thoughts and feelings. Writing about those beliefs and fears may be an important first step in becoming more comfortable with sex talk.

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Image: ©Jessie LaPlante