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In every relationship, a high level of trust translates into palpable feelings of serenity, excitement, passion and optimism. These feelings typically accompany the beginning of life in a new community, such as starting a new job, falling in love, or bringing a baby into the world. But, as trust is eroded the wonderful feelings that accompany […]


There’s a progressive stream of consciousness downloading to us intense amounts of information. The completion of old paradigms feels catalytic, changing everything around us. This is the arrival of brilliant invention, recalibration, and bright minds that have dropped all expectations of failure. Start expecting success. Success comes in droves, proportionate with innate driven talent. This […]


Learning new ideas for increasing sexual fulfillment and the verbal skills to put them into practice give “oral sex” and “giving head” entirely different meanings. From birth, exposure to a flood of sexual ideas that disconnect us from our hearts creates dysfunction. By the time we fall in love, we have been brainwashed with beliefs […]


Sexual experiences that flow from emotional intimacy are making love. Such encounters look and feel entirely different from sexual experiences that are not heart-connected. Rather than a race between two competitors running in their own lanes and focused on a finish line, making love is a dance. Creative sexual dancers on an improvisational journey have […]

QI & Me by Lance Secretan – Advisor and Coach to Leaders, Author

The sacred energy we invest in our marriages and personal relationships, such as personal growth and mutual learning, being fully present, curiosity, freshness, spiritual passion, maintaining individuality AND (paradoxically) oneness, vulnerability, intimacy, humility, empathy, devotion, love, rituals, transparency, trust, and reliability—these, when practiced with sacred energy, lead to sacred and inspiring relationships. Since everything is […]