Becoming Your Own Hero presents a comprehensive look at what may be the most important, challenging, and least understood pursuit of our lives” learning to live consistently with our hearts open” who we truly are. Our most revered heroes, such as Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, distinguished themselves by their ability to remain true to themselves even when facing adversity. Whenever we exhibit this kind of integrity we feel like our own hero. It is available to us all but, even our most inspirational heroes usually have not shown us the way to apply this principle in our close interpersonal relationships. Becoming Your Own Hero fills this gap.

By illustrating how to respond to difficulties in ways that do not compromise our own integrity or that of others, the book provides a guide to finding greater fulfillment in relationships with ourselves, significant others, children, friends, and co-workers. The dividends include greater self-esteem, and a growing level of trust that results in more satisfying connections with our loved ones as well as, a more productive work life. 

A liberal use of personal and fictional stories makes the material user friendly to those who like to enjoy their reading while they learn. Five extended teaching stories, illustrate how learning focused on becoming our own hero can teach us how to accommodate other people’s needs without compromising our own. The books final chapter provides a revolutionary way to evaluate our sources of information and help, including psychotherapy, personal growth workshops and seminars, religious and spiritual disciplines, and self-help books. Finally, the appendix contains a practical seven-step guide that can be used over and over again to deepen the reader’s learning.

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